Why I write

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I never wondered about this topic, but going through some old newsletters I signed up for and never followed through, I found a really great email course on blog writing. It’s called 10 days to a better blog and it’s all there, in one Discourse post. But do as I’m trying to do, and try to follow it day after day (or another provisional amount of time). I’ve already written a post about blogging, but something still bugs me, because I really can’t pinpoint the real reason I’m writing all of this. I think the kick came from Scott Hanselman’s blog in the form of one post I can’t find right now. The gist of it was, if you want to learn, you have to teach. And the best way to teach was to write it down for someone else. Sometimes the posts spurted out of being irritated by coworkers asking me how to do something for the nth time, sometimes they were the stuff I just learned and wanted to share. Maybe I even wanted to become popular, earn money from ads, and live an easy life from it, there were some phases that I would probably want to forget, but you learn as you live and go along.

The reason I’m writing now, is to help someone who is a few steps behind me in this whole life/developer/designer/philosopher story and is maybe searching for something my experience can give them. I plan to continue on writing about everything I face in my business and somewhat private life. I’ll be making some changes, and want to share them with the world.

This, of course, doesn’t mean I’ll stop with the technical posts, the ones being most helpful to people coming from Googles, Bings and DuckDuckGos. So brace yourselves for those too.