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When was the last time you’ve stopped and took a break? Not a weekend or 3-4 days, but a proper vacation. Something that lasts at least a week or two., a month if you are lucky. Some time for you to unwind, let go of everything, and relax.

Working 100+ hours a week, never going on a vacation is a thing people see as something positive. Working yourself to death isn’t the most interesting way to die, at least not in my book.

I used to work 12 hour days, when I was starting with remote work, still working at a full time, on site job. I managed to do that for less than 6 months, with my productivity going down fast in the last months. Add onto that a baby, a family to take care of, and you can’t afford going bonkers over work.

Now I have a healthy 40 hour/week schedule and everything in my life has improved, health, life quality, quality time spent with my family, everything is better. Miraculously I earn more than before, weird, isn’t it?