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Blogging, or the lack of it

2 minute read

As you can notice, I’ve been blogging very sporadically over the years. And I’m trying my best to amend that. There have been times of super productivity, an...

Learning Emacs

2 minute read

So, I’ve started using emacs in my daily development and writing process, after a couple of years using vim exclusively. Why did i do it? Mostly curiosity, a...

What I have learned from a hackathon

3 minute read

I’ve attended a hackathon yesterday, that was the first “real” one in my life, and i’m still a bit under the influence. It was organised by the great people ...

Running a freelance business

2 minute read

So, you have decided to start freelancing? I am really happy for you! It is a great choice, one of the best work related decisions I’ve made in my life. You ...

Working Remote

1 minute read

You are surely tired of your commute, every day, waking up way before it’s convenient for you, cramming in public traffic, with people around you, wasting yo...

Why would you want to become a freelancer?

2 minute read

So what are your top reasons you want to become a freelancer? Feel free to leave them in the comments section below. I will briefly give you my reasons for d...

Build your career (You can do better)

2 minute read

Let’s get this clear, this is not a rant against anyone, this is just a statement. But you must realize this, it is not easy and this is not a one week fix. ...

Dynamically moving div with jQuery

1 minute read

Surely there has been a instance when you are creating an application that has a sidebar and a main content div. In the case of content being too long, the u...

POS printing on Android

2 minute read

So, you want to develop your big Point Of Sale(POS) solution on android but don’t know how to print the receipts. You have a few options:

Limit and offset in Oracle

less than 1 minute read

If you are considering about using some kind of pagination like will_paginate or some pagination of your own flavor, and you are stuck using Oracle i have a ...

Will Paginate in Rails using remote request

1 minute read

Have you ever wondered why is there no remote option for will_paginate gem? It’s too complex and data dependent to handle all possible situations. I have mad...

Deploying Rails applications on Windows

1 minute read

Due to some legacy issues, and HP workstations being shit that you can’t turn the hardware virtualization on, I had an issue with one client regarding speed ...